Harskirchen - Sarreguemines - Saverne - 106 Km - 40 Locks - 22 h of boating - 7 Nights (1 week)
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From Sarreguemines at Sarreguemines, 0 km, 0 lock(s), 0 h of boating
Steps : Sarreguemines
From Sarreguemines at Sarralbe, 26 km, 9 lock(s), 5.3 h of boating
Steps : Sarreguemines Sarralbe
This nice, little town allows you to discover a few landmarks, such as the windmill and the Church of Saint-Martin.
First and foremost the former music hall, now a brasserie very close to the port, one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. Closer to the center, you once again start to feel the earthenware past flowing throughout the town, with a museum, shops,..
the Canal Bridge od the Albe
One of the first iron bridges built in France. With its long span, it was built in 1867 and served as the model for a number of canal bridges, including the famous Briare Aqueduct.
Tuesday and Friday
the museum of the faîencerie of Sarreguemines
From Sarralbe at Mittersheim, 19 km, 5 lock(s), 3.5 h of boating
Steps : Sarralbe Harskirchen Mittersheim
This nice, little town allows you to discover a few landmarks, such as the windmill and the Church of Saint-Martin.
From Mittersheim at Etang du Stocke, 13 km, 12 lock(s), 4.1 h of boating
Steps : Mittersheim Etang du Stocke
the lakes of Mittersheim
the lakes of Stock
From Etang du Stocke at Arzviller, 31 km, 1 lock(s), 4.3 h of boating
Steps : Etang du Stocke Languimberg Gondrexange Arzviller
6km from the canal, Sarrebourg is worth the detour. In the Chapel of the Cordeliers you will find the biggest stained-glass window that Chagall ever constructed, at more than 12m tall. Between the chapels, churches and temples, Sarrebourg is home to more than 10 religious buildings.
This charming village is ideal for a pleasant break. Between the 17th century pottery works, the church, the castle and the magnificent organ, this village really knows how to make you feel welcome.
the tunnels of Niderviller and Arzviller
These two tunnels, 475m and 2306m in length respectively, are separated by less than one kilometer.
the lakes of Stock
the lakes of Gondrexange
the lakes of Gondrexange
On this 660ha man-made lake, dug out in the Middle Ages, it is now possible to take part in all kinds of water sports.
the lakes of Gondrexange
In addition to the bathing area, the Gonderexange site also offers pedalo/paddle boat and kayak hire.
the museum Chagall of Sarrebourg
From Arzviller at Saverne, 17 km, 13 lock(s), 4.9 h of boating
Steps : Arzviller Lutzelbourg Saverne
Upon arrival you are dazzled by Rohan Castle, built in the neo-classical style in the 18th century, past which the canal flows, allowing you to admire it from all angles. Following a detour through the pedestrian streets (Carabin crystal glassworks, Recollect cloister), a trip through the Haut-Barr Castle is strongly advised. This fortified castle, also known as the "eye of the Alsace" for the spectacular view it offers over the Alsace plain and the Vosges Mountains, towers at 470m in altitude.
the Inclined Plan of Arzviller
The inclined plane of Arzviller, one of the most remarkable fluvial constructions, and unique in Europe. This boat lift was built in 1969 to replace 17 locks, and enables a change in height of 44 meters. It was closed for a little over 2 years in 2013 following an accident involving a cruise boat, and damage caused by the ferryboat.
the museum d'Archéologie, d'Art and d'Histoire of Saverne

BikeThroughout your houseboat cruise, you will have the leisure of cycling on the towpath along the Canal of the Saarland.

FishingThe ponds have very excellent fishing waters.

The Locks
1 Type of locks on The Canal de la Sarre
  • - Automatic locks

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