From our sales department to the boats themselves, not forgetting the quality of our briefing, at Cris Boat France we do everything we can to satisfy our customers



97 % satisfaction



Telephone lines open 6 days a week



16 years' experience in self-drive boating holidays


Customer Satisfaction*

* Based on a survey of 467 clients carried out between April 2016 and August  2017.

  89 % say they would come back to Cris Boat France for a boating holiday in the future.

  95 % would recommend a boating holiday to their friends and/or family.

  In 2017, it was their first ever boating holiday for 48 % of our clients.


Our service as seen by our clients

Our sales team: an average of 4.53 out of five

Customer service at the bases: an average of 4.31 out of five

The quality of the boat handling briefing: an average of 4.13

Satisfaction with the boats: an average of 3.89

Overall satisfaction: average 4.22




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