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Since 1999, Cris Boat's goal has been to satisfy its customers who have trusted it. That's why today we can post a 95% satisfaction rate. Owner of the Redon base from 1999 to 2018, in Brittany, we decided in 2010 to offer our customers cruises in the most beautiful regions of France. For this we have established a partnership with Canalous, then with Nicols in 2016, then Locaboat and Le Boat in 2017, so you can compare on our website the rates and availability in real time of more than 90% of the French fleet of boats without license. We have made more than 85,000 people travel on the most canals and rivers in France by offering them an excellent quality / price ratio. This year, we decided to go even further, integrating from December 2018 cruises and boats from all over Europe and Canada. With more than 80 bases and 120 different boats, we have the widest range of river cruises in France. Whether you are a couple, friends or family, you will find the boat and cruise that suits your needs and that respect your budget.

Bastien Rouil
President of Cris Boat France / CB Company

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