6 Cabins

We offer the only river boat with 6 double cabins, the Péniche 1500 GL. If you are 12 adults, do not hesitate to rent this unique boat in France.

Comfort : 7 étoiles

~ €

Bow Thruster Electric Toilets 220 Volt Sockets

More informations about this boat

Average grade : 3 étoiles  3 / 5

max. number of people max 12 peop.
Comfort 12 Adults

6 cabins

3 bathrooms

3 W.C


On board: Mooring ropes – lifebuoy - boathook – mooring stakes and mallet – anchorage – fenders - 10-litre bucket - hosepipe - gangway.
Safety: Medical kit – ship’s log – life jackets – fire extinguishers - torch (batteries not included).
Household: Ashtray – scrubbing brush - broom – washing-up brush – coat hangers – brush and pan - WC brush – clothes pegs - basin - dustbin - floor cloth.
Crockery: drinking glasses – table glasses – dinner and desert plates – soup bowls - breakfast bowls - teacups - dishes – salad bowl – coffee jug and filter holder – water pitcher – cutlery tray and cutlery – salad servers – lemon squeezer - teapot.
Linen: Bolsters or pillows – pillow (bolster) cases - sheets – blankets or duvets (except the budget range where the sheets and pillowcases are not included).
Heating: All the boats are equipped with a forced-air heating system which allows you to heat the interior of the boat for your own comfort, however it will not enable you to maintain a constant temperature.
The kitchen: You will always have a hob, an oven, a fridge, a sink as well as: a trivet – bread basket – plastic boxes – a tin opener  - a bottle opener – a corkscrew – vegetable knife – kitchen knives  - a ladle – a skimmer – wooden spoon or spatula – chopping board - saucepans – saucepan lids – frying pan – salad spinner- pressure cooker or stew pot - strainer.
Hot water: There is hot water on all our boats if they are designed to be lived in, in fact the motor produces hot water when it is running.  If your hot water tank is empty, all you need to do is to run the motor for a few hours to get a full tank again.
Mains (220V) equipment: Not all our boats have 220V sockets on board, however they all have a 12V cigar lighter type socket. If you have a 12V charger, you will be able to recharge your mobile phone. For devices requiring 220V you will only be able to use them on board if you hire a 12V- 220V transformer. 

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