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bike monument vineyard swim fishing water sport nature

Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Based on 4 testimonials (see below)
Sarreguemines Casino

Sarreguemines Casino

Arzviller inclined plane

Arzviller Inclined plane



fishing nature monument bike

Average : 4.7 étoiles 4.7/5
Based on 4 testimonials (see below)
Bogny sur Meuse

Bogny sur Meuse

Charleville Mézières

Charleville Mézières

Victory Tour in Givet

La Tour Victoire in Givet

nature monument gastronomy

Average : ~ étoiles ~/5
No testimony
Canal Boating Holidays in Brugge


Canal Boating Holidays in Eeklo


Canal Boating Holidays in Gent


gastronomy bike nature vineyard fishing monument water sport

Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Based on 10 testimonials (see below)
Tanlay Castle

Tanlay Castle

Sailing in Burgundy

The Burgundy waterways

Wines of Sancerre

Sancerre wines

nature monument gastronomy bike fishing

Average : 4.6 étoiles 4.6/5
Based on 10 testimonials (see below)
Josselin , its Castle

Josselin Castle

The fortified town of Dinan

The fortified town of Dinan seen from a canal boat

La Gacilly and its craftsmen Art

La Gacilly famous for its artisans

Canal du Midi and Camargue
monument swim bike nature water sport

Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Based on 10 testimonials (see below)
beaucaire en peniche sans permis


water sport nature fishing monument

Average : 4.8 étoiles 4.8/5
Based on 10 testimonials (see below)
Discover Angouleme by River Boating


The city of Cognac


The Château de Saint Brice by river boat

Saint Brice Castle

Lot and Aquitaine
water sport monument nature gastronomy swim fishing

Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Based on 10 testimonials (see below)
The city of Cahors


Discover St Cirq Lapopie by river boat

Saint Cirq Lapopie

Towpaths on the Lot River

Towpaths on the Lot River

Mayenne and Anjou
fishing monument nature bike

Average : 4.4 étoiles 4.4/5
Based on 10 testimonials (see below)
La Château du Plessis

Château du Plessis

La Mayenne et ses moulins

Watermills along the Mayenne

The Lion d'Angers

The picturesque village of Lion d'Angers.

Alsace What our client say
Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Marc B

Marc B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very good welcome from the staff, super friendly''

Denis C

Denis C - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Soothing, ideal for relaxing weekend by seeing beautiful scenery''

Raymonde D

Raymonde D - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Sincerely Okay, good service (commercial service starting point, boat)''

Jean pierre G

Jean pierre G - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Nice, quiet, again''

Ardennes What our client say
Average : 4.7 étoiles 4.7/5
Thomas S

Thomas S - 5/5
Bonne expérience

Vincent B

Vincent B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''This cruise gave us want to retry the family experience''

Michel B

Michel B - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Pleasant stay, better than I could have hoped''

Lucie J

Lucie J - 5/5
auto-translation : ''To Redo''

Burgundy What our client say
Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Pierre jean C

Pierre jean C - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Easy, practical, experience worth repeating''

David B

David B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Great''

François B

François B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very exotic''

Bertrand F

Bertrand F - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Wonderful''

Susan B

Susan B - 5/5
Lovely, very quiet.

Philippe B

Philippe B - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Good contact, nice, too short (WE).''

Daniel G

Daniel G - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Very happy with our stay''

Christian R

Christian R - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Perfect stay''

Rory B

Rory B - 5/5
Responsive, Value

Jean-marc T

Jean-marc T - 5/5
auto-translation : ''I searched, but I find no point of improvement to give''

Brittany What our client say
Average : 4.6 étoiles 4.6/5
Yves R

Yves R - 5/5
A refaire

Bruno B

Bruno B - 4/5
De très bons souvenirs

Blandine G

Blandine G - 5/5
auto-translation :''Quality accompaniments from initiation to return thanks to the competence and friendliness of Maud. Thank you''

Vincent M

Vincent M - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very good, to remake ''

Yvonne W

Yvonne W - 5/5
Everyone agrees it was one of the best holidays we have had and will definitly do it again.

Gilles D

Gilles D - 4/5
auto-translation : ''A remake in another region''

Eric P

Eric P - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Experience to live''

Hervé D

Hervé D - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Good organization and good choice of boat''

Gérard L

Gérard L - 4/5
auto-translation : ''A good memory, rather festive weekend with family''

Christelle L

Christelle L - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very good''

Canal du Midi and Camargue What our client say
Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Luc C

Luc C - 5/5
:-) )))

Daniel J

Daniel J - 4/5
auto-translation :''Exotic, quiet, relaxing''

Jean marie V

Jean marie V - 5/5
auto-translation :''I will come back''

Eric B

Eric B - 5/5

Walter S

Walter S - 5/5
Pleasant dealings, despite some language difficulties

Barbara S

Barbara S - 4/5

Stéphanie L

Stéphanie L - 5/5
auto-translation :''To redo''

Philippe L

Philippe L - 4/5
auto-translation : ''A pleasant stay, another way to discover beautiful landscapes for nature lovers.''

Gilbert K

Gilbert K - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Pleasant boating holidays ''

Henri G

Henri G - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Exotic, pleasant and soothing''

Charente What our client say
Average : 4.8 étoiles 4.8/5
Jean B

Jean B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Meets every way''

Didier T

Didier T - 5/5
auto-translation : ''A real treat in a beautiful setting''

Marc B

Marc B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Perfect''

Richard F

Richard F - 5/5
auto-translation : ''We will return''

Jean marie B

Jean marie B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very good''

Elizabeth W

Elizabeth W - 4/5
Very pleasurable.

Françoise L

Françoise L - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Good coaching clients. Benefit equal to the proposals.''

Jacqueline T

Jacqueline T - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Great river cruise! I wish I could do all the channels of France''

Jean-pierre S

Jean-pierre S - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Met my expectations''

Olivier N

Olivier N - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Pleasant cruise, there was no problem''

Lot and Aquitaine What our client say
Average : 4.5 étoiles 4.5/5
Armelle M

Armelle M - 5/5
auto-translation :''Excellent''

José L

José L - 4/5
auto-translation :''Well, the Lot is really beautiful''

Charles M

Charles M - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Stay in line with our expectation''

Michelle K

Michelle K - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Team underlying Luzech very nice''

Jacky M

Jacky M - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very good, very nice''

Rafaela G

Rafaela G - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Very nice river cruise''

Marc W

Marc W - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Excellent responsiveness of the staff at our little worries naviguation.''

Agnès C

Agnès C - 4/5
auto-translation : ''First tasty experience … small flat on other companies disrespectful of the rules of safety and courtesy … 34 locks help keep the line while eating foie gras and magret …''

Julie E

Julie E - 5/5
Excellent although missed out on a day collection from 16.00hrs delivery back 0900hrs

Stéphanie C

Stéphanie C - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Cruise very well organized''

Mayenne and Anjou What our client say
Average : 4.4 étoiles 4.4/5
Jocelyne C

Jocelyne C - 5/5
auto-translation :''VERY GOOD''

Nathalie Z

Nathalie Z - 5/5
auto-translation :''Boat in perfect working order''

Claude G

Claude G - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Very satisfied, very good memories''

Jean paul P

Jean paul P - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Well as usual''

Joël B

Joël B - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Warm and fun to sail''

Jean pierre R

Jean pierre R - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Exotic''

Joachim C

Joachim C - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Relaxing, quiet. River cruises are a good way to unwind.''

Thérèse D

Thérèse D - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Very welcoming, friendly staff and available''

Denis R

Denis R - 5/5
auto-translation : ''Team Cris very professional Boat''

Michel C

Michel C - 4/5
auto-translation : ''Very good stay, but next time we will choose a newer boat''

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