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Our licence-free river and canal boats are especially designed to be used even if you have no prior experience and don’t require any specific skills. There’s a wheel (that works just like your car’s steering wheel) and a reverser that controls engine power and both forward and reverse directions. This ease of use means that our boats require no licence or prior experience. For more than 50% of our clients, this is their first experience of driving this kind of boat.


Timeline of A Typical Day of Boating holiday




It all depends what you like doing

  Do you love good food and want to combine your trip with tasting some great wines?

  Is this a family holiday with an emphasis on things for the kids to do?

  Are you interested in history, old buildings and monuments?

  Do you prefer sporting holidays?


For each region and waterway we have picked what makes them particularly attractive: just check out the pictograms below:

  For history lovers who want to see lots of historical monuments

  Discovering fauna and flora in the midst of an unspoilt countryside

  The vineyards where France’s most prestigious wines are produced

  Good food and remarkable local gastronomy

  Towpaths are the perfect place for all cycling enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite activity

  Fishing is the best way to relax amongst friends

  Swim in lakes or access the beach directly depending on the region

  Water sports are just a boat ride away



Renting a self-drive boat isn’t difficult!

You don’t need a licence to drive any of our river or canal boats.
When you arrive at our base, you’ll first need to complete a few formalities to do with your holiday (sign the rental contract for the canal boat, give your credit card details for the deposit, pay for the options you might have booked). Next our team will explain how your boat works (gas, heating, the fridge…) and then will give you a briefing about how to go through locks and manoeuvre with your river boat, not forgetting vital safety information (signs, reading a river map…) After the briefing we will give you a ‘carte de plaisance’ (a boating permit that you must keep with you throughout your holiday) and all that’s left is to go and get your suitcases and cast off.

Going through locks on your self-drive boat
Depending on your destination you will encounter different types of locks during your travels: manual, electric, round and automatic locks. Depending on the region there may or may not be a lock keeper to help you during the manoeuvres. During your pre-departure briefing on how to handle the boat, our team will tell you about the type of locks you can expect to come across and what to do.

Preparing your departure


Holidays of a week or more:
Depending on the departure base, you will set off on a Monday, Friday or Saturday. We expect you from 3 pm onwards (2 pm at Redon and Dinan). For organizational reasons, we are not available to deal with you if you arrive before these times.
You will embark between 4 pm (2pm at Redon) and 6 pm.
You must be back for 9 am.

Weekend breaks:
Fridays from 4 pm (2 pm at Redon). You will embark between 4 pm (2pm at Redon) and 6 pm and you must be back by 9 am Monday morning, or 5 pm Sunday depending on the base.

Short week breaks:
Mondays from 3 pm (2 pm at Redon). You will embark between 4 pm (2pm at Redon) and 6 pm and you must be back by 9 am or 2 pm on Friday depending on the base.


Except for long holidays (more than 2 weeks), you won’t need to add any fuel during the trip. In case of very long holidays, we will come and fill the boat up ourselves.
All our boats are equipped with an hour counter which will be read at the start of your trip and when you return: the number of hours use will be invoiced at the going rate: count between €30 and €50 depending on the size of your boat per day.


CRIS BOAT’s fleet is fully insured, however we hope that you will take good care of the boat and its equipment. The insurance includes accidental damage excess and for this reason you will be required to pay a deposit before you embark. The boat’s insurance does not cover the person(s) renting the boat or the crew, nor does it cover civil liability or personal belongings.

Assurance croisiere plus: This insurance guarantees the refund of the deposit, but does not exempt you from paying the deposit before embarking. This is a collective contract: you may consult the terms and conditions upon request).

Deposit: The amount varies depending on the category of your boat. The deposit is paid before embarking to cover damage excess and will be refunded when you return, unless the boat or its equipment has been damaged. Please note this deposit is obligatory even if you take out the optional ‘assurance croisière plus’.
Cancellation: Cancellation insurance allows you to receive a refund of the sums paid should you cancel your holiday (see the Terms and Conditions of Hire).


There is no standard length and width for berths. The average length is 1.90 m, but some beds may only be 1.83 m long.
- Double beds: on average double beds are 1.40 m wide, but in certain circumstances may not be more than 1.15 m.
- Single beds: on average single beds are 0.80 m wide, but in certain circumstances may not be more than 0.65 m wide.
- Berths in the central saloon are convertible double beds.


Wherever you are, should you have any problems our teams of professionals will intervene as soon as possible, 7 days a week.


On board: Mooring ropes – lifebuoy - boathook – mooring stakes and mallet – anchorage – fenders - 10-litre bucket - hosepipe - gangway.
Safety: Medical kit – ship’s log – life jackets – fire extinguishers - torch (batteries not included).
Household: Ashtray – scrubbing brush - broom – washing-up brush – coat hangers – brush and pan - WC brush – clothes pegs - basin - dustbin - floor cloth.
Crockery: drinking glasses – table glasses – dinner and desert plates – soup bowls - breakfast bowls - teacups - dishes – salad bowl – coffee jug and filter holder – water pitcher – cutlery tray and cutlery – salad servers – lemon squeezer - teapot.
Linen: Bolsters or pillows – pillow (bolster) cases - sheets – blankets or duvets (except the budget range where the sheets and pillowcases are not included).
Heating: All the boats are equipped with a forced-air heating system which allows you to heat the interior of the boat for your own comfort, however it will not enable you to maintain a constant temperature.
The kitchen: You will always have a hob, an oven, a fridge, a sink as well as: a trivet – bread basket – plastic boxes – a tin opener  - a bottle opener – a corkscrew – vegetable knife – kitchen knives  - a ladle – a skimmer – wooden spoon or spatula – chopping board - saucepans – saucepan lids – frying pan – salad spinner- pressure cooker or stew pot - strainer.
Hot water: There is hot water on all our boats if they are designed to be lived in, in fact the motor produces hot water when it is running.  If your hot water tank is empty, all you need to do is to run the motor for a few hours to get a full tank again.
Mains (220V) equipment: Not all our boats have 220V sockets on board, however they all have a 12V cigar lighter type socket. If you have a 12V charger, you will be able to recharge your mobile phone. For devices requiring 220V you will only be able to use them on board if you hire a 12V- 220V transformer. 

Tarpon Prestige

TOP 4 Cabins Tarpon 49 Quattro Prestige Tarpon 49 Quattro Prestige


Cathie B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Good, great boat, great equipment''

Jean François USSELMANN

Jean françois U   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''The bow thruster is really a plus''


Bernard W   4 étoiles
It was easy once we had done some practices and gained some experience . The bow thruster was very useful


Ken M   4 étoiles
A bit difficult in strong wind but we were not very experienced with this kind of boat


Hubert P   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"The bow thruster is very useful on this houseboat"

Thumb Boating Holidays with Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige


George J   3 étoiles
Generally the passage was good and easy

Jean Pierre RABOUIN

Jean pierre R   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"The seats could have been a little more comfortable"

Pierre DING

Pierre D   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"OK inside bar , outdoor bar very imprecise ."


Robert A   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Large inertia must be controlled carefully and flexibility"


Roland M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Due to its length , some maneuvers can be difficult"


Jean paul H   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"very handy"

Canal Boating Holidays with tarpon 37 duo prestige Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige


Michel V   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Boat easy , especially with the bow thruster''


Eric G   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Like all river vessels , it is difficult to maintain the line , we must be ever vigilant"


Laurent P   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"The steering was easy"


Daniel R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"When it's the first time for the locks you have to adapt ..."


Canal Boating Holidays with estivale duo Estivale Duo

Alastair McDonald

Alastair M   2 étoiles
Takes a while to get used to


Vincent M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Very easy to use and easy to maneuver''

Evan Gardiner

Evan G   5 étoiles
Easy even for 2 people

Jean Pierre GOURGAND

Jean pierre G   3 étoiles
auto-translation:"Carefree , easy boat to maneuver"


Tony C   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Very good , easy boat to maneuver"

Boating Holidays with estivale sixto Estivale Sixto

Christophe PODEVIN

Christophe P   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Pretty easy despite the size''


Benoit C   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy''

Boating Holidays with estivale quattro Estivale Quattro


Denis R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Not easy for a first time but everything went well"


Canal Boating Holidays with Tarpon 37 N Tarpon 37 N


Cameron C   5 étoiles


Céline T   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy for navigation especially with the bow thruster''


Patrick F   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Physical but nice that we were 2''


Yves L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Luckily we had a bow thruster to assist us for maneuvering on the Lot''

Jean François ROCHON

Jean françois R   5 étoiles


Didier L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Fast and enjoyable learning control"


Christophe L   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"rudder difficult"

Francis GRENTE

Francis G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Once accustomed , driving is pleasant"

thumb tarpon 32 top 2 cabins Tarpon 32

Jean Claude CHIALLI

Jean claude C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''A bow thruster is missing''

Christian GALCERAN

Christian G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''It went quite well in general except the ammarages in reverse …''


Henri G   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Slightly stressful at the start for a first time''


Hervé D   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''It takes a few moment to be comfortable when maneuvering''

susan bailey

Susan B   5 étoiles

Angélique CACERES

Angélique C   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy''


Julie E   3 étoiles
Can be tricky if water high on the Lot

Christian LEGRAND

Christian L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Significant air draft that can make maneuvres difficult when it is windy''


Jean paul H   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Lack of bow thruster is felt in the "fine" maneuvers. The engine responds well"

Jean-claude SIMONNEAU

Jean-claude S   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Through the locks a little tricky at first, but after no problem"

Olivier NEAU

Olivier N   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat quite easy to fly"

Jean Claude CHIALLI

Jean claude C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No difficulties in maneuvering with the boat"


Christian B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Rather easy to maneuver"


Sue J   4 étoiles
Good but took a lot of practice


Ian H   5 étoiles

Xavier NEVEU

Xavier N   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat very easy to maneuver, perfect"

Jean François LAGOUTTE

Jean françois L   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"It takes time to adapt because of its width, but increased from the time there is more trouble"


John W   1 étoiles
Absolutely ridiculous


Xavier H   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problem"


Yves M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"A training and all is well"

Jannick BOTTIN

Jannick B   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"A bow thruster could help when maneuvering"

Dominique TONNEAU

Dominique T   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Some difficulties due to first experience river"


Marie B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"With bad weather, it was not easy"

Canal Boating Holidays with Tarpon 42 N Tarpon 42 N


Nadine A   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''It takes at least 3 or 4 days to be really comfortable in the maneuvers.''


Jean paul H   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Everything went smoothly''


Arnaud D   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Maneuvers facilities with the bow thruster''


Pascal S   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat easy to maneuver, but a little big anyway"

Stéphanie PAVARD

Stéphanie P   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Impressive in size at first, then with a bit of easy use"


Alain F   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Fine with using the bow thruster"

Canal Boating Holidays with Tarpon 42 A Tarpon 42 A


Paul R   4 étoiles
Bow booster essential

Jean-Marie SCHEYER

Jean-marie S   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Lock Passage quite tricky because river currents , luckily the boat was equipped with a bow thruster''


Yuval T   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''No problem for maneuvering with this boat''


Guy T   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Boat esay to manœuvre''

Laurent MARTIN

Laurent M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat very easy to maneuver"


Céline T   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Very well especially with the bow thruster"

Anthony GRASS

Anthony G   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Very good conduct, unlicensed boat a bit wide for this channel in view of the locks of the template."


Stéphane F   4 étoiles


Gilles K   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Rather easy to maneuver"

Danièlle ROUSSET

Danièlle R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Relatively easy to maneuver"

Dominique MAILLET

Dominique M   4 étoiles


Canal Boating Holidays with sedan 1310 A Sedan 1310 A

Véronique TROADEC

Véronique T   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Satisfactory, but you have to be at least two at each maneuver. Normal.''

Yvonne Walsh

Yvonne W   4 étoiles
Lock passage and mooring difficult at first due to size of boat but got more confident and easier towards the end


Gérard B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problems despite the length of the boat"

Philippe CUTARD

Philippe C   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Due to the length of this houseboat , a bow thruster would have helped us to maneuver"

Christine LERICHE

Christine L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Using the lock keepers through the locks"


Olivier D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy adaptation after the first stress of the first lock"


Eure et loir C   5 étoiles


Corinne G   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy to maneuver , even for beginners"


Yves P   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"A bow thruster would be welcome on this type of boat"

Patrick AMIAND

Patrick A   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"It lacks a bow thruster for easy maneuvering"


Bruno S   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"If handled well , walking back from difficult , especially the first day in La Gacilly , with little width and current"

canal boat hire sedan Primo top 1 cabin Sedan Primo


Eric P   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''A little sensitive to wind''


Irène V   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy boat''

Canal Boating Holidays with sedan 1000 A Sedan 1000


François B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Steering rather fine and fun after a period of adaptation''

Raymonde DARDE

Raymonde D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''No problem , easy boat to maneuver''

Jean Marie LAVIGNE

Jean marie L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problem for maneuvers"

Canal Boating Holidays with sedan 1000 A Sedan 1000 A

Hélène BLEAS

Hélène B   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Very easy for locks''


Xavier D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''This requires attention . After two locks and a mooring , you feel more comfortable''


Damien V   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Need to make a habit but after no problem''

Christèle GUILLOT

Christèle G   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Well, easy boat to maneuver, shame that some locks were open oneself between Redon and Nantes on the Nantes -Brest canal"

Robert AUDIN

Robert A   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problem for maneuvering"

Gérard FERGE

Gérard F   4 étoiles

location bateau sans permis sedan 800 ext 1 Sedan 800

Didier TAPY

Didier T   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Boat very manageable''

Françoise LE FEVRE

Françoise L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''The difficulties we met were not related to the boat but the weather conditions: strong currents, storm water …''


Alain H   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Difficult passage through the locks on the Burgundy Canal"

Canal Boating Holidays with sedan 1160 A Sedan 1160 A

Claudine CRON

Claudine C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Quick start of the barge"

Bernard RODIER

Bernard R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat not always very easy to maneuver for an inexperienced driver , particularly in reverse"

Laurence COUDERT

Laurence C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat easy to maneuver, more lock operators are good advisers"


Marc A   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"A bow thruster is a plus for the maneuvers , especially because of its length"


Dominique K   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problem , just a little difficult for apontages back"


Joachim C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"very Satisfactory"

Jean François DESPREZ

Jean françois D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Tricky navigation on the canals"

Canal Boating Holidays with sedan 1170 A Sedan 1170

Nicolas GIRARD

Nicolas G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Great for maneuvers , once taken in hand"


Michel F   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Well, easy boat to maneuver"

Canal Boating Holidays with sedan 1170 Sedan 1170 A


Michel B   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Once taken over , the boat driver as easily as a car"

location bateau sans permis Sedan 1300 A ext 1 Sedan 1300 A


Raymond B   4 étoiles


location penichette 935 w ext 1 Pénichette 935 W


Ludovic D   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Very flexible and responsive boat - good size / power ratio''

Michelle KLEIN

Michelle K   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Lack of responsiveness running rear''


Stéphane P   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Proper boat''


Marie anne T   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy for the locks''


Jean-pierre S   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Steering this boat, very nice"


Bruce K   3 étoiles
Going astern is difficult with this boat, but this is not needed often

Michel DOUTE

Michel D   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Requires some experience because it has no bow thruster. This adds to the charm of sailing."

location penichette 1107 w ext 1 Pénichette 1107 W

charlotte macarez

Charlotte M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Through the locks was easy. Lock keepers are helpful most of the time. Mooring is more difficult than with a smaller boat.''

Jacqueline TUITA

Jacqueline T   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"A little hard at first moorings in the current"


Xavier L   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"The maneuvers are not obvious at first ( especially landing ) ."


Alain R   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Heavy"

Francesca HUNT

Francesca H   5 étoiles
Exactly suited to the type of river


Gonzalo M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"A real treat"


Alain J   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Ideal template for this course. Mooring by the delicate rear"


Canal Boating Holidays with haines 34 Haines 34


Marthe V   2 étoiles
auto-translation :"We had problems docking at the start due to some short introduction"


François S   4 étoiles

Canal Boating Holidays with haines 40 Haines 40

Robert AUDIN

Robert A   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Amazing !! Barge easy"

Frédéric GIGAUD

Frédéric G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Very easy to maneuver"

Murielle BERT

Murielle B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"This has a lot of fun and we really enjoyed"

Christiane HALLOUIN

Christiane H   1 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat very heavy - difficult maneuver"


Boating Holidays with espade concept fly Espade Concept Fly

Madeleine JACOB

Madeleine J   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Perfect but rather tiring''


Laure C   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''A helping hand to take but not so complicated with a little patience and experience''


Agnès C   2 étoiles
auto-translation :''Too bad there is no bow thruster …''

Mélanie FORT

Mélanie F   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy to maneuver in good weather, wet weather , however , was less clear because the steering position is less suited"


Denis M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat easy to maneuver"

location peniche espade 850 fly ext 1 Espade 850 Fly

Charles MACE

Charles M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''The passages of locks on the Lot are a bit tiring for two, but that's part of the journey''

Christian GOLLY

Christian G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''No problem''

Christian Rebetez

Christian R   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Light boat , rear maneuver not easy ,''

Thierry MERGET

Thierry M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Very good''


Olivier R   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Barge very easy. Maneuvers are possible only with 2 people"


Claude-eliane L   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Average"

Patrick MAICHE

Patrick M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat very satisfactory workability for a first experience"

Marie-Françoise COMBAZ

Marie-françoise C   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Difficult to maneuver for moorings"

Raphaël BROCA

Raphaël B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"For a first , a little apprehensive , quickly overcome and at ease very quickly."


Joëlle M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problem"

location peniche espade 930 ext 1 Espade 930


David M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Proper boat at the navigation''

Jean Claude CLION

Jean claude C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat very sensitive to lateral wind requires vigilance at the helm"

Françoise PRADEL

Françoise P   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat without license easy maneuverable"

Catherine LEFRANC

Catherine L   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy to maneuver"


Canal Boating Holidays with Triton 860 Triton 860


Jean B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''The navigation no problem, passage of lock quite stressful, by cons quite complicated mooring''


Gilles L   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Very simple''


Alain M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Grip and quick adaptation to the boat. No problem''


Laurent H   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat easy to maneuver, even two"

Gérard LE ROY

Gérard L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy enough"

Jean Luc BLOT

Jean luc B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"The passage through the locks is not always very obvious just 2 people"

Evelyne DROUET

Evelyne D   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Cockpit tiring for several hours"

Boating Holidays with Triton 860 Fly Triton 860 Fly


Thierry C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Not too complicated but requires some logic and organization''


Eric B   4 étoiles
After a bit of practice the boat was easy to steer, although in England our boat steers with a tiller.


Walter S   5 étoiles

Philippe LACOUR

Philippe L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Only docking maneuvers with the wind were a bit laborious but manageable''

Jean Jacques LASHERMES

Jean jacques L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''OK, no complaints''

Florence JANY

Florence J   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy to drive''

Jean-Marc SERVIN

Jean-marc S   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Relatively easy''

William BOUR

William B   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Difficult to mooring on certain locks because of strong currents on the Lot ( early season )''

Jean Louis MOREAU

Jean louis M   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy to maneuver"

Joel Chautard

Joel C   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Difficult the first days of a wind and currents on the Lot"

Bernard ZUNINO

Bernard Z   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Perfect, easy to maneuver"


Bernard A   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Facilitated by the full breafing before departure"

Jean Yves SOUPLY

Jean yves S   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy to use for first time"

Canal Boating Holidays with Triton 1050 Triton 1050

Armelle MAITRE

Armelle M   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''After the passage of one or two locks, it was relatively easy; boat a little surprising to master at first!''

Barbara BARRAU

Barbara B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Okay, easy boat''

Jean Michel LIGNAC

Jean michel L   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Great, all participated in team"


Pascal D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Not too complicated, some difficulties in reverse"


Alain M   5 étoiles

Sylvain BEAUNE

Sylvain B   2 étoiles
auto-translation :"Direction difficult navigation"

Sylvie et Bruno COLOMBIER

Sylvie et bruno C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Steering rather easy"

marie noelle loubiou

Marie noelle L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy to maneuver"


location peniche eau claire 1130 ext 1 Eau-Claire 1130


Larissa J   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''A bit complicated for the inexperienced. Fortunately my friend had already done twice.''

Gérard LOUE

Gérard L   2 étoiles
auto-translation :''After adjustment, no problems''

Laurence DURIF

Laurence D   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Requires a bit of experience to be more relaxed (which was the case in the end of the week)''


Valérie L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Always helped by sailors, Lock keepers … no problem''


Joachim C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy to maneuvrer with the earlier position of the steering''


Bruno L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Simple enough to fly"


André F   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"I liked because I have flown another boat"

location peniche eau claire 930 ext 1 Eau-Claire 930

Blandine GUYOT

Blandine G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Not always easy to maneuver in the expectations of locks''

Christophe HAMON

Christophe H   2 étoiles
auto-translation :''Not always easy because the cockpit is inside''


Yves N   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy''


Wendy S   5 étoiles
All fine with this boat

Robert FOHAL

Robert F   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''It must be 5 locks to feel more comfortable .''


Samuel M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Mooring back a bit difficult when you start"

Dominique VERON

Dominique V   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Houseboat easy to maneuver"

Nathalie CAVAGNI

Nathalie C   2 étoiles
auto-translation :"Delicate for 1st lock"

Vincent BROUIR

Vincent B   2 étoiles
auto-translation :"Quite suitable for a first experience"

Emilie ROBIN

Emilie R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Our first pass at the lock was a little difficult , but after some advice lockkeepers , the following went well ."

Christine BRAVIN

Christine B   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Some difficulties in the outputs of locks , rear tended to touch the hem"


Hervé S   5 étoiles


Bruno B   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Well, a little windage"

Alain ROTH

Alain R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Although rather easy to maneuver"


Michel G   1 étoiles
auto-translation :"Difficult to maneuver with the wind"


Lucie J   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat very easy to maneuver , even for novices"

Christiane LEBEDEL

Christiane L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy enough for a first time"

Philip CADET

Philip C   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Perfect, easy to maneuver"

location peniche eau claire 930 fly ext 1 Eau-Claire 930 Fly


Nadège Q   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Maneuver inside post a bit more complicated than higher position''


Max L   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Crosswind , the boat becomes difficult to maneuver"


Michel C   1 étoiles
auto-translation :"Bar big problem apparently experienced technical service . For the rest no worries about going through the locks and for mooring"


Marcel L   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Some difficulties in reverse (normal no keel)"

Jacqueline BOUGOUIN

Jacqueline B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No particular difficulties browsing"


location bateau sans permis nicols Riviera 1130 A ext 1 Riviera 1130 A


Anne T   5 étoiles
Very good


Gilles D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Navigation with this boat without problem''

Serge VIEU

Serge V   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Easy enough , but with the steering wheel centered it would be easier.''


René L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"After a few hours I felt "almost" at ease! The passage of locks is impressive."

Jacques DURAND

Jacques D   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Houseboat very easy to manage , even when passing through locks"


Janyce G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Well, especially as we had on board someone who already has his boat license . This has helped."

Philippe AURAY

Philippe A   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat quite easy to maneuver"


Guy R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat quite easy in maneuvers"


Boris P   4 étoiles

No problem

Christian JOUANNE

Christian J   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"For mooring and passing through locks , the boat is very docile, it helps a lot"

Canal Boating Holidays with riviera 1130 Riviera 1130


Jacques S   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Steering position not very good''


Thérèse D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"We never had any problems , but we believe that for people without operating experience , it must be more complicated and stressful."

location peniche renaud 800 ext 1 Renaud 8000


Jean-luc S   3 étoiles
auto-translation :''Some difficulties for the rear steps''

Martine DILLET

Martine D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Okay, practical boat for navigation''

Benoit DAVID

Benoit D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Simple and pleasant to the passage through the locks"


Sophie G   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Perfect for a first river experience"

location bateau sans permis nicols Riviera 920 ext 1 Riviera 920

Jean Pascal ACHAT

Jean pascal A   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Perfect, easy to maneuver"

Philippe GALLEY

Philippe G   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"We had some small problems initially, but probably because of our lack of experience on this type of boat."


Boating Holidays with the Confort 900 Confort 900 A


Anne marie S   5 étoiles
Very Great


Serge A   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Good maneuverability''

Jean Paul SIGAUD

Jean paul S   5 étoiles
auto-translation :''Okay, easy boat to place in locks''


Gilles D   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Easy control"


Raoul T   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Navigation with this boat very well"


Pierrette C   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"Houseboat easy to maneuver , the organization of lock keepers on that channel is perfect!"

Emmanuel DURAND

Emmanuel D   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Okay , easy boat to maneuver"


Luis S   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"No worries go through the locks"

Sylvie SIMON

Sylvie S   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"Boat easy to maneuver"


Franck L   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No problem , easy even being novice"

location peniche nicols Confort 1100 A ext 1 Confort 1100 A


Bruno W   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Although no problem''


Yves S   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Well, good boat''

Sylvain HOGREL

Sylvain H   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Rather difficult to keep the boat before the lock"

Philippe MADEC

Philippe M   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Difficult for docking and maneuvering of the flat bottom"


Patrick P   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"No particular problem"

Thumb Confort 1100 Top 3 Cabins Confort 1100

Loïc ROY

Loïc R   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Sometimes sports with manual locks on the Charente''

Canal Boating Holidays with Confort 900 dp Confort 900 DP


Francis B   4 étoiles
auto-translation :''Navigation and locks easy with outside steerinf position''

Canal Boating Holidays with Confort 1350 Confort 1350


Gérard M   3 étoiles
auto-translation :"Well, easy boat to handle"


Jean marc V   5 étoiles
auto-translation :"You have to be careful but it's accessible"

location peniche nicols Confort 900 A ext 1 Confort 900

Virginie MALGUY

Virginie M   4 étoiles
auto-translation :"No difficulty encountered for maneuvers with this houseboat"

One-way cruises

If you choose a return cruise, you will enjoy a wide variety of landscapes that you can see from different angles and perspectives on your outbound and return journeys. However in some regions one-way cruises are also on offer, which depend on certain conditions and that may have to be cancelled or modified due to unforeseen circumstances. That’s why your one-way cruise and its direction (departure and arrival base) are only confirmed 48h before the departure date. This option is considered as an extra service and therefore gives rise to extra costs.


Let’s start with the suitcase itself: ideally it is best to bring a sports bag or a similar kind of luggage. Space is limited on board and rigid suitcases could well get in your way during the holiday. We advise you to pack light clothes (shirts and swimwear) but just in case to also pack some warm clothes and waterproof garments, depending on the season of course. Trainers are indispensable; in no case should you wear more formal shoes which can not only damage the boat but are positively dangerous on board. Our boats are well equipped so you won’t need a lot of things in your bag. Don’t forget: your camera, batteries and a torch, a pair of binoculars, a pack of cards and something to read.


Water: Your boat’s tank is filled up before you leave. Its capacity ranges from 200 to 1,400 litres depending on the model, which gives you 1 to 2 days’ autonomy. You can fill up at the water points that are indicated on the waterways map that is provided on board.

Electricity: Running the motor for 4 to 5 hours a day will produce enough electricity for a 24h period, however the electricity on board a boat must be used sparingly and cannot be compared to the level of comfort you are used to at home. The power supply is often 12 volt and stored in batteries used to run the fridge. The electricity you produce can power the lighting, ventilation, and sometimes, on boats equipped with 220 volts, the air-conditioning, dishwasher etc. Whether when cruising or connected to a power supply at a mooring, pieces of equipment that use 220 volts must not be used simultaneously (eg: air-conditioning + dishwasher). In some regions, there are not many power hook-ups at moorings, or their amperage may not be sufficient to use the equipment on board. If the boat is equipped with 220V sockets, they can only be used when the boat is hooked up to an external power source. The capacity of the fridges is given for information purposes only and may vary depending on the region.

Gas: A 13 kg bottle of gas is supplied for the heating, hob and oven. On certain models, it is also used to power the fridge. Some Pénichettes® have oil-fired heating instead of gas. No extra bottles of gas are supplied. Oil-fired heating is invoiced at a tariff that depends on the current price of oil.

 In case of flooding or drought

Some rivers and canals may be subject to flooding or a lack of water, mainly in spring and autumn. These events may oblige us to modify the departure base and change your holiday to another waterway. In any event, modifying the departure base or changing your itinerary does not constitute a cancellation and you will not be entitled to a refund.


Before you embark, you will be required to pay 2 deposits: one for the boat and the other for the cleaning service. The boat deposit is obligatory, even if you take out our ‘assurance croisière plus’ insurance policy. Its amount depends on the category of boat; it covers the accident damage excess and will be given back upon your return, provided the boat and its equipment are undamaged. The cleaning service deposit will be given back if the boat is returned in a clean condition. This deposit is not payable if you opt to have the boat cleaned.


The only obligatory extra charge is the hourly navigation rate, which is invoiced on your return depending on how many hours the motor has been used. This fixed rate varies from boat to boat and the number of hours cruising. It covers oil and fuel usage. You leave the base with a full tank of fuel and you will usually cruise between 5 and 6 hours a day. The tariff changes depending in the current price of fuel. At some bases you can opt for the ‘Liberty Pack’ which includes the hourly navigation rate and other options.


All the boats are equipped with a forced-air heating system which allows you to heat the interior of the boat for your own comfort, however it will not enable you to maintain a constant temperature. Only boats in the Premium range have air-conditioning. It is however limited to the central saloon and will only enable you to cool down the ambient temperature by a few degrees (2 or 3 at the most) and not maintain a constant temperature.

 The bow thruster

Some boats at some bases are equipped with a bow thruster. These are propellers placed in the boat’s bow so that it may be moved laterally. This thruster makes manoeuvring much easer, however it should be used with caution, especially on canals because of the risk of sucking up mud and pebbles from the bank. If this element breaks down during the cruise, it is often impossible to repair it, in which case you will continue your holiday without a bow thruster. Should the client insist on repairs being made, they will be invoiced. Unforeseen circumstances may mean that the boat with a bow thruster that you reserved is no longer available on the departure date. In this case we will deduct from the price of your holiday a fixed amount of €10 per day for each day the thruster is inoperative (except on boats in the Estivale and Grand Confort 1350 VIP range).


Pets are welcome on board. A supplement of €35 - €40 will be requested at certain, but not all bases.


You may fish in the canals and rivers as long as you get a fishing permit beforehand. The permit is on sale in fishing shops or on internet. It costs around €30 for a fortnight.

  The rental price includes:

  • The hire of the boat itself
  • The fittings: equipment necessary for navigation
  • Crockery: enough for the number of passengers on board
  • Bedding*: sheets, blankets or duvets, pillows and pillowcases
  • Boat insurance
  • Navigation briefing and boating permit (carte de plaisance)
  • Breakdown assistance 7 days a week during business hours at the base
  • Navigation tolls
  • A 13 kg bottle of gas

* Not included on boats in the Budget range (except Riviera 920 N, 1120 N and 1130 N)


  The rental price does not include:

  • Cancellation insurance
  • The waterways guide
  • The one-way cruise supplement
  • ‘Insurance Cruise Plus’ insurance cover damage waiver
  • The cleaning service
  • The optional cleaning set, tea towels and towel sets **
  • A €780 to €1,200 deposit depending on the boat
  • The hourly navigation rate which includes all the consumables in relation to your holiday (oil, fuel, gas...). Depending on which category the boat comes under, this hourly rate varies from €5.19 to €11.50 per hour actually spent cruising on the waterway.

** Included in the Tarpon Prestige fleet of boats

swimming on the waterway barge
Swim in lakes or go straight on to the beach depending on the region
River constructions
les constructions fluviales remarquables dans la région de navigation
The remarkable river constructions ( drawbridge, canal bridge, scale of locks, ...)
Dining on the waterway barge
The best places to enjoy good food and remarkable local gastronomic specialities
les marches regionaux pres du canal
To find fresh local produce
momument on the waterway barge
For all lovers of history and historic monuments
les musées pour decouvrir l'histoire et les artistes locaux de la region de navigation
To discover the artists and local history
Nature on the waterway barge
Unspoilt countryside rich in flora and fauna
Tourism office
office de tourisme pour les informations utiles pour la croisiere fluviale
Tourist office for find useful information to discover the region
Fishing on the waterway barge
To relax with friends, there's nothing better than fishing
Water sport
water sports on the waterway barge
Water sports are just a boat ride away
bike on the waterway barge
Tow paths provide an ideal place to ride your bike
vineyard on the waterway barge
The local areas where France's most prestigious wines are produced
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